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Re: bbq show

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Posted by FK on September 03, 2013 at 08:56:15:

In Reply to: bbq show posted by ibbq2 on September 02, 2013 at 21:35:47:

once again somebody gives their opinion on a show and gets busted because he/she doesn't want to sit around with the rest of you holding hands and watching Happy Days. challenge the content not the expression. if you think he is wrong, then point out why you don't think the show is a *** joke. then you may get into a meaningful discussion of what does or does not make a good or what the majority thinks is a good bbq show. rather than do that, the first comment is "shut up", don't be mean or the rest of the world will think we are all mean.

just thought i would make a suggestion on promoting a discussion since this a forum. believe me, since my last post i know whose forum it is. i don't have to be told again.

now to follow my own advice, it might have been nice for the original post to have contained some specifics as the reasos for their displeasure.

ok, i will start. i don't like where on every bbq show when the host samples the food they say, it is the best they have every tasted. i think we can all assume that if they don't like the taste it will not be shown.

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