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Re: Layering flavor

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Posted by Ray Basso on September 04, 2013 at 20:44:19:

In Reply to: Layering flavor posted by jermo on September 04, 2013 at 13:24:37:

About seventeen years ago I was at the Raytown, MO BBQ contest and had the opportunity to taste some of the ribs that Mike Scrutchfield had prepared. When I was leaving he gave me about six ribs to take with me. On the way home I stopped at The Store meat market and gave Dave, one of the ribs to taste. His comment was Wow that's great and then he said "there is another flavor there, I don't know what it is but it is really good." I think that was layering of two flavors, but back then no one had ever heard of "layering flavors" anyway the term had not been invented then.

I used to be a real wine snob but I did know my wines well enough that I really could distinguish different flavors in a good wine. The really good ones were very complex and so good it would make you face light up. The same thing happened to me when I tasted a great lobster brisk in Springfield, MA on night. It was so good that one of the insurance agents that was with me said after looking at my face when I first tasted it "Is it really that good." So I do know you can taste different flavors in one bite of great food.

I think it is possible for someone with and average to good taster to taste around three layers of taste when they bite into a really well prepared barbecue rib. At first there is the over pleasant taste. then your hit with something good and maybe you don't know what it is but you really like it. Then finally as you shallow a short bit of heat. There you have three layers of flavor. Now it that same rib is tasted by that has had three shoots chased with three beers before he tasted the same ribs might belch and say "that's good."

The wrong use of the wrong or too many flavors really, runs the risk of combining to make one overall bad taste in your mouth. So there is a fine line between great flavors and "I don't want anymore." Layers of flavors clearly is a buzz word in some cases nothing more. Most commercial rubs are already blends of different flavors that have been selected to produce a pleasant taste or tastes.

Below you will find a very simple article that talks about layers of flavor.

Ray Basso

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