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alumimum brazier coal grilling

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Posted by matt on September 09, 2013 at 00:34:56:

I got this 30 qt aluminum alloy (3003) heavy gauge(4) brazier. Its too big for the oven range and too big for the oven. I thought of trying to make it into a charcoal grill. Reasoning: I received it free and its brand new, I know I could sell it but don't want to.

I know aluminum can be melted in a charcoal furnace if you have some kind of blower to feed it ample oxygen. This particular alloy (3003) has a melting point of 1190 F about the same as pure Al. I know aluminum is a good conductor of heat but poor insulator.

so I was thinking buy some bricks and mortar and make like a bowl that fits the brazier. Then get about 6 cinder blocks and place under in towers that are two high to give it clearance from the ground and buy a grill grate to cover it. Maybe design some kind of device to allow me to raise and lower the grate.

another reason I want to do this and not sell it is because I like DIY project and I live in a duplex and need something I can take inside, so I can either make this or sell it and buy a weber

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