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Re: What would you do...What should have been done

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Posted by Bobby Q on September 24, 2013 at 13:26:15:

In Reply to: What would you do...What should have been done posted by Anonymous on September 23, 2013 at 15:43:53:

What should happen? A big thank you from team B to team A and maybe a cold beer! If their fire went out and heís helping them by adding a few logs while they sleep or are doing something else, so what.
That small act of kindness (yes, thatís what itís called) will have a little effect on their final product. I guess the days of being a good neighbor and camaraderie have gone by the wayside in BBQ. It appears to be every man for himself lately.

I realize itís a contest, but for me itís bigger than just being a contest. I enjoy the people I compete with and against. I enjoy seeing everyone and sharing experiences. I fear no man in a BBQ contest, because I am competing against myself. I only worry about what I do and how I do it, for thatís what affects my outcome. If someone needs to borrow something and I have it, I give it, if someone needs something from me and I can do it, I will. I will help out anyone, short of cooking for them.

If you know your neighbors fire has gone out, do you do nothing, (except rejoice internally that you may now have a shot at beating them), contact them and advise them, (or get giddy at the possibility that you may beat them) or toss a log or two in their firebox until they can get back to it (and have the satisfaction of beating them with your best vs. their best).

In short, if my neighborís fire was going out or went out, I would have no problem tossing in a few logs for them, or anyone who stepped up and did so. I wouldnít consider it cheating, aiding the enemy or anything sinister. Just helping out a brother who needs a helping hand.

Look at it for what it was. Nothing more, nothing less.

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