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Can't get temp on Boston butt higher than 175

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Posted by Derek on December 14, 2013 at 13:26:26:

I cook on a regular backyard offset smoker, can't afford much more. Of course it doesn't have the best seal but I do my best to keep it sealed i.e, latching the lid etc... Last weekend I cooked a 11 lb bone in boston butt for 24 hours. I just left it on there for so long waiting for the temp to reach 195. After 24 hours I went ahead and pulled it off. I am sure it was well overcooked but it was the absolute BEST BBQ I have ever tasted. I could just squeeze it and it would come apart. It was also still very moist. What am I doing wrong though? I don't think I should have to cook it that long and only reach 175. At times the temp will spike from opening the firebox and putting wood on but for the most part it stays pretty steady @225-250. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am still a novice at smoking.

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