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Re: Old-time posters....what have you been up to?

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Posted by redc1c4 on December 18, 2013 at 02:41:47:

In Reply to: Old-time posters....what have you been up to? posted by QSis on December 16, 2013 at 20:08:44:

still living in Lost Angels, Failifornia, but seeking refuge someplace sane has w*rked its way into conversations here at the house more & more over the last few years. we shall see: it was 85* clear & sunny here today after all. ;-)

i'm in The Valley now, like totally & have been since 01. went back to school, since the healthcare field dried up for me, employment wise, so now i have two professions i can't find w*rk in. fortunately, the lady friend of the last decade is well employed. in exchange, i do most of the house upkeep and 99% of the cooking/shopping/errands.

i finally convinced the CA ARNG that i had done my 20 honorable years, so i was transferred to the Retired Reserves, and, if i make it to 60, there will be a *very* small check every month. then i went to the VA for some help with old injuries that were/are bothering me, and they said that i had not really been in the military, so i wasn't entitled to any services what so ever, so i have fighting them as a part time hobby now too.

i still cook & Q a lot, albeit less in the last few months since i burned down the backyard in mid-August and took out *all* of my grills & smokers, plus the beer/meat frig, the wine frig, the tool chest and the BBQ pagoda...among other things.

then i broke my wrist during the clean up. %-)

so, all things considered, it's SSDD here with me. i don't get here as often as i ought to, but y'all are never far from my cold, dark, hardened little stone of a heart... %-)

as always, delete the ".ies" in my email link if you want to reach me.

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