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Lakeland problems.

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Posted by jazzy on January 29, 2014 at 07:54:59:

So I was talking with a friend of mine who is from Lakeland. He said that he went to the bbq event for many years. This year he didn't.

Why? Because he said that last year people who attended the event were given a hard time by the local police. He didn't want to deal with it this year.

Come to find out this year the local police had road checks outside the gate. Everyone was stopped. Everyone was subjected to breathalyzer testing.

According to my friend the local police had a record day for DUI's.

While I'm certainly not an advocate for drinking and driving I also see a problem here. I live in Florida and I've watched the decline of Bike Week in Daytona. That being that in the day, that week cops pretty much left people alone. There was revenue to be made for the local businesses and city council new it. Once Bike Week was over it was back to business as usual. Nowadays, In Daytona during Bike Week the cops will arrest or ticket just about anybody for any thing. The revenue now goes to the city through tickets and court appearances rather than through taxes collected by business.

The end result is that Daytona Bike Week is now a joke. There's not the bikers there like there used to be. Leesburg Bike Fest is only 4 days and they bring in more people during that 4 days than all of Bike Week. Why? Because the cops pretty much leave people alone.

I'm paralleling bike events with bbq events here. Are cities shooting themselves in the foot here by doing this? Does anyone else see the same thing going on as this in the bbq events they go to?


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