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my fireplace door blew off--fire control question

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Posted by MaryAnn on February 15, 2014 at 18:06:07:

Seriously, my indoor fireplace door just blew off. It was an actual explosion. In years past I have posted questions about this two sided fireplace, asking about why the doors should be closed to generate optimal heat. It seems that is the design. Tonight lit a fire with tinder, etc... got it going, closed the doors. I'm sitting reading, enjoying the fire, and BOOM. The entire back side door literally blew off the wall. No sparks came out, no glass breakage, just the entire door unit blasted out of its fitting. This is not the first time this year I have used this fireplace although there has been a lot of snow and sleet and rain lately.

I used one fireplace type fire starter, some dried lavender and maple tinder, and three small logs to get it started. What is wrong with my fire control?? The flue seems fine but could it be cold? Or wet? I have searched diligently for any embers and it's all good, fire going out, took a log off to let it die quietly. What could have caused enough pressure to do this? Moisture? Only new element was using the lavender tinder, could it burn that hot? Thanks for any thoughts. This is bbq related I think. Mary Ann

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