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my blood was boiling

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Posted by Butcher Boy on February 23, 2014 at 08:33:54:

I judged a contest yesterday. Next to me sat a lady I had never judged with before. When we finished judging chicken she made the statement that entry number__ tasted like lighter fluid. I nearly came unglued. I did my best to explain to her that what she tasted was actually a fairly heavily smoked piece of chicken and not lighter fluid. After that correction she did not have all that much to say to me. I tried to get her to, after judging, go poll the cooks and ask them how many start their fires using lighter fluid. I wanted to try to explain to her the process most cooks use to light their fires but by that time she was done with me and not open to letting someone broaden her knowledge of BBQing.

I also heard her on a couple of occasions making the comment that her favorite meat was the ribs, that is what she comes for, and really didn't like brisket at all but she does the best she can with it.

I can't understand why anyone would want to judge something that you really don't like? It would be like judging a fish fry contest when you don't like fish.

How does she feel that could possibly be fair to the cooks?
My wife and I normally drive several hundreds of miles to most contests we judge, we take our time judging and always try to be the best judge we can wherever we are. It really upsets me when someone is just there because they saw it on TV, thought it looked like fun and then thinks they are an expert.
Class room can only go so far with instruction then it is up to each judge to manage themselves and give their best effort at every contest.
I have been involved with BBQ,bbq contests, to some degree, for over 15 years so I think I can speak with some degree of knowledge as to how things should be.

Butcher Boy steps down off his soap box, good day all.

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