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Re: RAY re books

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Posted by Ray Basso on March 07, 2014 at 20:29:42:

In Reply to: RAY re books posted by sparky in Calgary on March 07, 2014 at 19:29:17:

I do love to read books. Here are some I have read after Wool and that got me started reading this type of books. After reading Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey which covers parts 1 through 5 then I read First Shift (6) followed by Second Shift (7) then Third Shift (8) all by Howey. Finally to end the Silo series I read Dust by Hugh Howey which pulled it all together.  Hugh Howey has given permission to several writers to novels that are spin offs of Wool that are about the Wool (Silo) series of books but I have not wanted to read any of them.

Another good book that was recommended by fans of Wool was The Maze Runner, The Kill Order, and the Scorch Trials, another trilogy by James Dashner. Maze Runner in particular was fascinating to read after the Wool books. Maze Runner was written for young people but this older guy really liked it.  The Kill Order was good and the Scorch Trials was better.  I believe there is another book by Dashner in this series but I think I have had enough of this series for now.

After all of that I got interested in The Atlantis Gene and the Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle. The Atlantis series was well worth reading.  A.G. Riddle haw another book in the works. Then in between these I read Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth but I didn't read the third book in the trilogy because of bad reviews and I read a spoiler on the third book and didn't care to read the third book. Dashner and Roth's books were written for the late teens market but never the less they were very good and all of them were very interesting and upsetting to see what kind of stories inspire young people to read books. The young people in this world must not have an optimistic view of their future.  They all follow the the bad after effects of the world in particular the USA after something terribly wrong happened to it.  Included in this bunch of books would be the Hunger Games trilogy, which features young people fighting to the death of all others in the games participants.   I started reading the Hunger Games because I wanted to see what my grandson was reading and found out it was about the USA after a terrible war.  

Lately I read Sand Omnibus by Hugh Howey all I can say is Hugh Howey is an emanative genius to have written such a good book about sand diving, who would have thought of such a thing?

When your done with that you have to read CyberStorm by Matthew Mather.  CyberStorm has already been picked up by the big boys and will be made into a movie or a television series, that should bum out most of the country.   It's a gory book that will make a lot of people winch and others have nightmares.  So a lot of people are really into this dystopian nightmare including me I guess.  I am starting to withdrawal from it after I finish the book I'm reading at the present time. It's about an EMP attack on us.

Ray Basso

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