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This is the perfect way for me

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Posted by QSis on May 31, 2014 at 21:12:37:

In Reply to: WSM heat control posted by Rkjhawk on May 31, 2014 at 00:05:59:

The single most valuable tip for me was Q.N.E. tyme's description of how to start and keep control of the fire in my WSM.

It is not the Minion Method (sorry,Jim!)

Dylan said to fill the charcoal ring with Kingsford, then use two Weber parafin cubes on top of the pile to start the fire. Leave all the bottom vents open. Leave the middle and top sections off, until the surrounding coals light and start to smoke.

Then put the middle on, WITHOUT THE DOOR, and the lid on, WITH A THERMOMETER IN THE LID or vent). When the thermometer temp gets to about 100-125, put the door on.

Let the temp climb to 150 -200, then close two bottom vents completely, and the third vent half way. When the temp is 225-250, put the meat and the wood chunks on.With db's "sand in the pan", this is absolutely easiest way to "spot-on" control the fire in a WSM!


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