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what are real burnt ends?

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Posted by jermo on June 25, 2014 at 22:15:18:

I have not gotten to the judging class yet but I have been confused and disgruntled for a long time about what burnt ends are and even after seeing them multiple times on Pitmaster's I am still disgruntled. I have not eaten a ton of places outside of Missouri first place to have burnt ends was an older, well established place at the lake of the Ozark where I got my first taste of yummy. I tried the burnt rib ends (yes I know this is not brisket) and they were good! A little chewy but not dry, lots of seasoning and extra smoke and they came with sauce on the side. They were very flavorful! The next place I had actual beef burnt ends was at Half Sauced BBQ at the lake of the ozarks, possibly my favorite place ever. They were cooked well, and smoky and had a good sauce. So my idea of burnt ends was extra smoky, extra seasoned meat in chunks. I even read in an article which said that good burnt ends are given extra smoke and seasoning. Then I went to a high rated restaurant in KC by Guy Fieri, was supposed to make competition grade BBQ in their store and was told by someone walking out to try the burnt ends, which was my plan. I was highly anticipating it. The part that disgruntled me, was me saying "I wish I could taste the smoke on these". I have muttered those words after tasting other places burnt ends as well. I am in my mid-30's and I don't think I have had enough burn-your-but-off hot stuff to numb my taste buds that much. So the problem I really have is this: What are burnt ends supposed to taste like for competition style? Are they just a different way to cut and serve the point of a brisket since it is very thick and won't make a pretty slice or are they supposed to be more smoky and more seasoned like I have eaten before? It looks like they would need the extra flavor since they are cutting thick chunks which leaves less meat exposed to smoke and rub.

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