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Rank of States By Its Food/Drink; Part I

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Posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on July 11, 2014 at 15:13:49:

Gee, seems tofu kicks arse...

from :

Every state in the USA, ranked by its food/drink

During America Week, a parlor game emerged among our editors, in which we discussed what state we'd want to eat and drink in for the rest of our lives if we couldn’t move anywhere else. And, in order to prove each other wrong, we began to research, then really research, and then began to get deep into some weird food forums, and, at the end of it all, we realized we needed to do the most research possible and turn this into a story.

So here is what we did: we ranked states by the food/drink available in that state, focusing on four key questions: 1) What did they produce (beef, oranges, ugh, sorghum?), 2) What iconic items were they known for (key lime pie? onion burgers?), 3) What is their beer/wine/spirits production like (great breweries/wineries?), and finally 4) What is the food/drink scene like in their cities? Weighing all those factors, here is our by-no-means-scientific ranking. If you disagree and want to tell us how stupid our faces are, well, that’s what Internet commenting forums are all about:

50. South Dakota
When you Google "South Dakota and food", an image of a hungry child crying comes up, and then the computer goes black.

49. North Dakota
This could have been at 50. We flipped a coin.

48. Utah
You pride yourself on your secret “fry sauce”, which is just the same ketchup and mayo hybrid one finds at burger joints EVERYWHERE. But at least you have really arcane liquor laws!

47. Iowa
Your most iconic food is meat that a person was too lazy to pack together.

46. Delaware
Putting aside the false rumors that you actually have BLUE HENS, Dogfish Head is the only thing keeping you out of the Dakota zone.

45. West Virginia
Does moonshine count as food? No? Oh.

44. Wyoming

43. NebraskaYour football team is named after corn preparation. So that’s something?

42. New Hampshire
Everyone is too busy planning out which NASCAR T-shirt they’re going to wear to vote in the primaries two years from now to cook... all those apples lying around rotting in their yards next to all those old Paul Tsongas campaign signs.

41. Indiana
Hoosiers pride themselves on a shrimp cocktail at this one steakhouse that has, like, really spicy cocktail sauce! Try the famous pork tenderloin sandwiches! Are you asleep yet? When you wake up, someone probably will have taken you to a [INSERT LITERALLY ANY FAST-FOOD CHAIN].
40. Montana
It has some sneakily good breweries and unfettered access to freshly ground bison meat. But still… Montana. A rich man’s Wyoming, one might say.

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