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Rank of States By Its Food/Drink; Part V

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Posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on July 11, 2014 at 15:19:59:

In Reply to: Rank of States By Its Food/Drink; Part I posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on July 11, 2014 at 15:13:49:

10. Maine
The Pine Tree State is a bit of a sleeping giant in the food world, and not simply because it is actually so big that you can be hundreds of miles North of Montreal, and still in Maine. Their dominance in the lobster game is legendary, as are the tiny lobster shacks covering a wide swath of Southern Maine, but seafood, in general, is often incredible. Their blueberries are tiny, sweet, and equally glorious; their beer game -- led by Allagash, Shipyard, Rising Tide, and Maine Beer Company -- is strong; and everyone in the New England area seems to have simultaneously started carrying Downeast Cider, which started in Waterville. And on top of all that, they have Portland, a small city thatís quickly becoming known as a food/drink destination, thanks to spots like Fore Street, Eventide Oyster, and Duckfat.

9. Kentucky
The whole ďall bourbon has to be made in KentuckyĒ thing is technically a myth, but from a practical standpoint itís a fact and is certainly true of all the really great bourbon. This also means the folks in Kentucky are quite good at making delicious things with bourbon, like bourbon balls, mint juleps, and Kentucky Derby Pie (like if a pecan pie had a three-way with a chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of Makerís Mark). But what are you going to do, just spend the rest of your days swilling whiskey and eating dessert? That actually sounds fantastic, but in the interest of diversity Louisville actually has a seriously on-the-rise restaurant and bar scene, and the Southern fried deliciousness there goes well beyond the handiwork of a certain Colonel.

8. Tennessee
Tennessee whiskey. Memphis BBQ. Nashville Hot Chicken. You could write more about the amazing food/drink scenes in those cities, or the square delights that are Krystal burgers, but those seven words said it all.

7. Washington
Do you like apples? They were probably grown in Washington. For real though, this stateís a produce powerhouse and farmerís market wet dream come to life. That sounded gross. You get the idea, though. They also use their natural advantages in the beer and wine departments (they grow, like, 80% of the countryís hops -- thank them!). Their oysters are delicious, even if they wonít actually get you laid. Oh, and you might think youíre familiar with their coffee, but go there, and youíll invariably be introduced to something new and better.
6. Oregon
If you could take the hipster, foodie-centric part of your neighborhood, and stretch it into AN ENTIRE STATE, youíd end up with Oregon. Not only do they have famously fertile wine country in Willamette Valley, but Oregon was one of the leading founders in the craft beer movement, the food truck movement, basically all movements ever. Artisanal donuts? Third wave coffee?!? Really delicious chicken wings covered in fish sauce? Itís all right here.

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