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Re: What did you end up doing Ray

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Posted by Ray Basso on July 15, 2014 at 02:45:09:

In Reply to: What did you end up doing Ray posted by barbqr on July 14, 2014 at 20:17:55:

Well first of all I want to thank every one who offered help on this thread. Here was my situation that prompted me to ask the first question to start the discussion. I have a lot of knifes that I have accumulated over the years. Only a few of them are really good knives and the rest are low cost specials. I'm basically cheep and I pride myself it buying things that don't cost much and work really well. This is true with my choice of knifes as well.

I also am very busy and don't have time to spend sharpening knifes. As a result most of them are dull. Several years ago bought a Chef's Choice Knife sharpener and I was very happy with it and have recommended it several times here on the forum. But lately I have come to realize that it grinds away too much metal.

So I started looking for a substitute and I thought I had found it in the Lansky sharpening system. But I had some questions about it and that is why I asked for help here. Shortly after I started the thread I was ready to buy the Lansky system when Brickman posted about the WorkSharp machine. It had everything I wanted in a knife sharpener. I wanted a tool that would put a convex edge. I wanted to be able to sharpen a knife very fast and I wanted it to be really sharp when I was done.

Worksharp has two different models the original for about $69 and the new model for about double that. They both use belts to sharpen knifes but the newer one has a little bit wider belts. It also have a variable speed adjustments and it is very easy to switch the angle of the grind. On the newer model you can add attachments and I thought that possibly I would want one of them in the future. With both of them you can sharpen knifes and other tools.

So I bought the newer model and so far I am very happy with it. I have had it one day and have sharpened seventeen knifes on it. It didn't take very long and everyone of them are ridiculously sharp. It is a bit tricky to learn to use it.

I have had a couple of problems but nothing big. It like everything else is set up for right handed people. I am used to this as I am primarily left handed. The belts were not tracking properly and I called their customer support. I was quickly connected to a very nice lady that told me how to fix it.

Also my wife is happy because I sharpened some dull knifes that she uses all the time. Thanks again to everyone for your help.

Ray Basso

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