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What is one of your nifty cue tips or tricks???

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Posted by peterN on August 19, 2014 at 11:37:17:

Do you do something unusual with your cooking method or cooking equipment, be it barbecuing or grilling?

Something that I use as an unusual grilling or barbecuing utensil is a potato masher. I have a way of being able to lift grills and grates with a potato masher when cooking on Weber wire grates. Using the masher to lift the grates negates the need to use some sort of 'pot holder' or fire-pit mitt to lift the grates out of my WSM. The potato masher also works well to lift my cast iron grate off of a small Lodge 'Sportsman' grill if I need to adjust its' height or fuss with the fuel.

'How' this is done is difficult to explain, but if place the 'teeth' of the potato masher into the grates off-center with your fist towards the top center of the grate, then you can 'pry'/lift the grate vertically and even use the masher as a 'handle' to carry your grate away from the cooker. (On WSM grates with a heavy load such as a brisket or a butt, I use two mashers as grate masher/handle on each side of the piece of heavy meat.

( might be able to use the two masher method to lift your new 'bbq forum' grate...If you take a potato masher and lay it on your new grate with the handle of the masher placed on the bottom of the letters 'BBQ'...if you are able to lay the masher handle flush (flat) on top of the letters, then the 'teeth' of the masher will hang down into the grate. With the teeth of the masher hanging down into the grate, you should now be able to lift the grate by lifting the handle of the masher. (you might have to use two mashers to lift the heavy handle pointing left, one handle pointing right, and lift using both hands/handles)

Wish I could post a picture of this method, but I'm still living in a 35mm world.)

Do you have an unusual method or tip or trick ???

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