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Re: Brisket

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Posted by Ray Basso on August 22, 2014 at 15:19:37:

In Reply to: Brisket posted by Dean on August 22, 2014 at 13:02:24:

The following is a post that was made to the BBQ Forum around 1996 and it has been the basis for how to cook a brisket every since again. When you look at it you will notice that there is no amount of time that can be stated for how long to cook a brisket. It all depends on a lot of variables. So the only constant you can use as a guide is the internal temperature.


Re: Sauce Recipe

Mike Scrutchfield

Thanks for all the nice compliments on my brisket. It's been very successful this year. I won over $10,000 on my brisket entries in the contests I entered this year!

First of all you must start with good meat. The 99 cent a pound brisket just wont cut it. Always start with USDA Choice or better, I use Prime because of my meat sponsor (Beef America, Omaha Neb) but most of that is shipped overseas to Japan because they are willing to pay the price! Use Choice or better!

Next I start with a good rub that's heavy in garlic and pepper, ("Top Secret" brand) not yet available but I'm working on it for this Spring! Seasoned about three hours before smoking.

Smoke for at least 8-10 hours at 225 until the internal temp is in the 165-170 degree range. I like 4 chunks of Oak. 2 chunks of Cherry and 1 Hickory, with mostly white hot charcoal.

After the internal temp is 165+ I put the brisket in foil and cook at 300 degrees (oven or smoker temp) until the internal temp reaches 205 degrees. When that's done I just put it away in an insulated environment (I use a sleeping bag at contests) still wrapped in foil for several hours to allow it to still cook until I ready to serve.

What you have when you open it up is a brisket that you'll need to slice 1/2" thick to keep in slices and I then top it with a sweet, but still a distinctive whang,BBQ Sauce (again "Top Secret" as of this date!) to serve to the judges.

Most of the time it'll be up there with anyone for taste, tenderness, and appearance. Those are the three aspects we are judged on at BBQ contests!

To recap, use good meat, seasoning well, get the final ultimate temp. and top with just the right sauce, present it well. and you'll be a Blue Ribbon Winner!

Mike Scrutchfield

Ray Basso

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