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Re: Brisket ??

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Posted by BD on September 11, 2014 at 14:27:40:

In Reply to: Brisket ?? posted by Gary on September 10, 2014 at 12:32:01:

I ďWet AgeĒ my briskets all the time for 40-45 days.

Look for the kill date. It will not be on the brisket package itself, but will be on the case box. Ask to see it or ask them to bring out a case and choose your brisket from it. That way you'll see the date. I have never had someone say no to my request to bring out a case, from Sam's Club, Costco, Restaurant Depot or my butcher. Your aging time is past the kill date. For example, if killed on 01-01-14, Id age until 02-14-14 or as far as 03-01-14. But I like to stay at 40-45 days.

Itís very important to leave them in the cryovac packaging. Look the packaging over. Look for loose areas, large air bubbles etc. You want the plastic packaging to be tight around the brisket in all areas. Loose packaging indicates there may be a hole in the plastic packaging. Air is not your friend in this process.

Place the brisket in a refrigerator that is not opened all the time, you donít temperature fluctuations. I place mine in a garage refrigerator. Place it in the bottom of the fridge, for cold air settles, while hot air rises. Make sure the temperature is no lower than 35 degrees and no higher than 38. I stay at 35.

Leave it alone and let it work its magic. When done wet aging, take it out of the package; rinse it well under cold water. It may have a slight musty smell, which should dissipate after rinsing. If it smells sour and that smell lingers, then you have had a compromised cryovac and itís not good.

You make have some slight brownish or off colored edges. Just trim them off.

I attached a good article on wet aging. If you Google wet aging a brisket you will find plenty of information.

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