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Re: Why don't judges?

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Posted by John in RVA on September 23, 2014 at 20:29:22:

In Reply to: Re: Why don't judges? posted by Mack on September 23, 2014 at 16:55:35:

I need to take a deep breath before I dive into this thread. First, two disclosures: (1) I've known Brian and Candy Elkins (Raine®) for more than 15 years from when we shared a CBJ Class; and, (2) I'm a KCBS Rep living in Richmond, VA and offciate upwards of a dozen contests a year from No. Wildwood, NJ to Shelby, NC.

Comment cards are a double-edged sword. Teams want them; we get that. KCBS has had them for a number of years, both with BQWin and KCBScore. I have and continue to collate countless score cards at every contest I Rep. So, for one to say that KCBS "...did not include any provisions in the Score program when it was designed and implemented." is specious. True, there's nothing in KCBScore about comments cards, but it's not necessary that there be. The delay in implementing KCBScore comment cards was merely how to implement AND maintain the double-blind nature of the judging system. What scoring software (BQWin or KCBScore) being used had little to do with it as far as I know.

I, too, have heard gossip that some Reps, somewhere, do not encourage the use of comment cards. Where I "play," (both Rep and judge) in the mid-Atlantic area, every judges meeting hears the CD that mentions, encourages and explains how to use comments cards. If judges choose not to submit comment cards, they cannot be coerced into doing so. Some years ago, the KCBS BoD decided not to mandate comment cards ostensibly because to do so would have (theoretically) created a bottom score, i.e., if comment cards were mandated for scores 5 or below, then 6 becomes the lowest score for those judges who refuse to write a comment card.

Finally, I will say that to indict all Reps for the behavior of a few who refuse to encourage comment cards is unfair. During the course of a contest year from March through November, I work with more than a dozen different Reps in my area and we all, to a person, strongly encourage their usage. Other Reps who DO NOT encourage them, or dare I say discourage them, should be reported to KCBS. Period!

Good Q'en On Ya', John

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