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Re: How's Your Grasp On Statistics?

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Posted by Ray Basso on October 07, 2014 at 05:15:48:

In Reply to: How's Your Grasp On Statistics? posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on October 06, 2014 at 18:44:59:

These are all good points that you mention and others have pointed out in reply to my post. I really, honestly have enjoyed watching the competition barbecue world all these years and I still do. But, I have never really had any desire to be be a competitor. I could go on and on about all the reasons I have not wanted to get involved in it but the big three reasons is time, money and the judging. Of the three categories in judging appearance and tenderness can be understood and taught to most anyone doing the judging but to me it is almost impossible to control taste. People just don't like the taste of the same things. In smaller contests I would think it would be easier to get more consistency in the judging then in these big contests where you have to have so many judges.

Like I said before I would never compete because if I was able to compete in two contests like at the Royal and I did really well in one contest and really bad in the other I would have problems. Most likely I would probably have cooked the same in both contests. I would naturally assume in the bad contest I just happened to have some judges that didn't know what good barbecue really was.

I guess that is why I never really competed in any sporting events except chess and archery. If you loose in chess it's because your were not smart enough to beat the other guy. In archery if you didn't win the tournament it was because you didn't shoot good enough. No judging involved in either event. Just you against yourself.

Ray Basso

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