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Beef Sausage

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Posted by Ray Basso on October 17, 2014 at 07:22:04:

One of the things I really like to cook is sausage on the smoker. I have used Johnsonville sausage (Bratwurst) in the past but I think I have had enough. The quality has gone down so I am going to grind my own from now on. What I have done with the Johnsonville stuff in the past is remove the sausage from the casings and take about 2 1/2 links and form them into a small loafs. Then I put some rub on them and smoke them. I put some barbecue sauce on them near the end of cooking them. When their done I let the cool, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them in Ziploc bags.

So when I want to eat some I take one frozen loafs with the wrap on and put it in the microwave defrost setting for one minute. At this point they can be sliced with a sharp knife. I slice them thin like thick pieces of pepperoni. Put some more sauce on them and back in the microwave for 10 seconds and there is the main course for dinner.

After I have sliced off what I want from the slightly defrosted sausage I re-wrap it, put it in a ziplock bag and put it back in the freezer, save what is leftover of the loaf and repeat the process for next time.

So now I want to make some beef sausage and I was wondering if anyone has a good beef or maybe chicken sausage recipe. The reason I want to make some beef sausage is my wife has developed some kind of allergy to pork and if I make some good beef sausage it might make her happy.

Ray Basso

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