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JMHO on the current poll.

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Posted by Glenn on October 30, 2014 at 09:35:00:

Should GAS cookers be allowed at BBQ contest?

(The following is JMHO and YMMV)
My simple answer is yes, because....the left hand is fighting the right hand. Over the years I have seen/heard cookers raise their left hand and say no to gas because the feel it has an advantage over stick burners. Then they raise their right hand and say go ahead and use gas, you can't win against the stick burner. Which is it, the left or right?

Looking at gas from the point of view of "no electric heat", I would also say YES. Today there are numerous "electric/electronic" aids to assist in cooking and are just short of using electric heat. Do all these electric aids guaranty you to win? I don't see their winning/losing ratios any different than the stick burners.

If I want to load my Kenmore range up and head to a contest, why not?

Again, the above is JMHO.

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