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Re: JMHO on the current poll.

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Posted by Bob on October 30, 2014 at 12:47:41:

In Reply to: JMHO on the current poll. posted by Glenn on October 30, 2014 at 09:35:00:

My problem with gas at a contest is completely different, a safety issue.

How many leaky hoses and frayed extension cords have we all seen at contests?

OK, how many pit fires have we all seen?

How many team members have we seen that are at least partially umm? "incapacitated" and still go out and fix "minor" problems with equipment, and actually make the problem(s) worse?

What's the consequences of these actions/decisions? A water leak, a circuit breaker or a fuse blown or a grease fire that may or may not get out of control. Usually no person is badly hurt.

NOW, if a team or 3 are using gas, and one of these teams has a leaky gas hose and he goes out to fix it and doesn't quite have the proper mindset to fix it correctly or safely, what can happen??

Yeah, several teams could be wiped out in the explosion. Some of them in their sleep, not knowing that there was ever a problem.

Other that these safety issues, I say have at it. Let the best team win.

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