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Re: JMHO on the current poll.

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Posted by Mark on November 02, 2014 at 19:39:12:

In Reply to: JMHO on the current poll. posted by Glenn on October 30, 2014 at 09:35:00:

I think gas is bull.... That being said, I also think using electric aids of any kind is bull.... too. I feel is just not the same as a guy cooking against you that is using nothing but the skills he has gather over the years to produce the best Q he can. Maybe I am a purist, and I know this will ruffle a bunch of feathers. If you want to sleep, stay home and show up in the morning. I really feel the one of the biggest demises of BBQ contests, was when the KCBS allowed electric component's on pits cooking at a event. I feel it is just as important to be able to run your pit, as is the method of your cooking, rubs, finishing sauces, ect. Case in point, BBQ Pitmasters when they made everyone run a stick burner with no gurus or electric devices. Big time "pitmasters" fell on their faces.

In closing a old timer told me when I first started cooking, a good pitmaster can produce great Q on a wash barrel, but you need to master that barrel before you move on to the meat.

Let me know where to show up and I'll be there with a rake and a trash bag to pick up the feathers.

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