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Old ham cure recipe

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Posted by bbqBob on November 24, 2014 at 12:21:23:

Ran across this while going through grandmothers recipe box:)

Formula for Curing Hams

For 100 pounds of Ham and/or Shoulders use:

14 cups of salt
4 cups of white sugar
4 tablespoons of saltpeter
4 oz black pepper
1 oz red pepper
2 oz ground cloves (optional)

Mix ingredients carefully and divide into three equal parts. Apply one-third to ham and shoulders which have been closely trimmed and thoroughly chilled. Spread meat on table or shelf. One the third day, brush off the mixture and apply another one-third. After five more days, brush off the mixture and apply the last one-third. Leave hams and shoulders in cure one and a half days for each pound of weight or about 35 days. Do not count days when the weather is very cold.

When taken out of cure, wash off remaining mixture and let meat soak in cold water for two hours. Then hang up to dry before smoking. If not prepared to smoke, a coat of liquid smoke will help some.

Before any danger of skipper flies, hang meat in a paper bag or other tight bags with no meat touching bag. Tie bag tightly about the string or wire by which the meat hangs and apply lime, ashes, or borax in top of bag to keep flies from entering along the wire. If done early, no need for skipper compound.

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