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New KCBS Garnish?

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Posted by Parrothead on March 20, 2015 at 07:07:38:

I've had my fill with trying to find decent parsley for a contest, we all have. Either what I order doesn't show up or if it does its not all that great. 

But every time I walk in to the store there sets good ol kale.
Cheap, always available, dark green, and sturdy enough to last for two weeks. So took home one bunch and made a practice box. 99 cents and 4 minutes later I've got a good looking box that was EASY to build, cost darn little and most importantly looked good. Kale is available in darn near every store that you walk in to and it always looks great. So after talking to some cooks there seems to be a lot of interest in trying to get the board to consider adding kale to the approved garnish list. So hopefully in the next week or so we will put together an online petition where cooks can sign up for adding kale to approved garnish list and when we get enough names we will submit that list to the board.

We don't want to add a laundry list of new things to the approved garnish list. Kale is where it begins and ends. We're tired of trying to grow our own parsley, or having it shipped in, or driving all over town or worse out of town to try and find decent garnish. If you're in an area where great garnish is always available that's great but there's a lot of places out here that it's not.

So look forward to hearing your thoughts. And if you're in favor of the idea please put a bug in a rep or board members ear. Hopefully we can get a garnish change made.
So Kale Yes! Got Kale? Free the Kale!

No money has been accepted from the big kale industrial complex..

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