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Peeling onions & garlic - alternate method ? (wet)

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Posted by peterN on July 17, 2015 at 19:20:00:

So I had a whole garlic bulb fall into the full kitchen sink the other day...the water was very warm. I pulled the bulb out of the sink after a few minutes and decided that I should peel and process the garlic cloves and found that the papery skin of the cloves were somewhat easier to handle and peel than when dry...with wet skin, I could almost remove the skin similar to peeling seemed only slightly advantageous when compared with peeling the cloves dry.

So later that day, I decided to soak an onion for a few minutes before peeling it and found that there was a marked improvement in the 'peelability' of the papery onion skin...the water would soak into the skin making it more pliable, less slippery, and less brittle...peeling the onion skin was easier if presoaked.

I wouldn't classify peeling 'wet' as far superior, but there did seem to be at least a slight advantage, especially with the onion.

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