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FEC100 Doesn't come to temp

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Posted by ScottG on September 21, 2015 at 10:37:54:

I cook on a FEC100 pellet cooker and generally love it. I have a constant problem of the smoker not coming back up to temp after I load it with meat. It comes up to temp fine when empty but it can take hours, if ever, to get back up to the set temp after I've loaded it. I have the IQ controller and load my smoker pretty full when I cook on it. If I have it set to 275, it drops obviously when I load it, but then the digital read out never gets back up to 275. The exhaust temp seems to be about 30 hotter than what the controller shows. I've checked all the typical stuff: fresh pellets, no meat touching the thermostat, no exhaust pipe, clean plenum, auger runs, good flame/airflow on startup, meat at room temp when loaded. Any ideas? My buddy has the older FEC100 model and older controller and his heats right back up in a matter of minutes...mine takes forever.

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