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Re: Video/Cobb Grill = Korean?? (long)

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Posted by peterN on September 21, 2015 at 18:50:23:

In Reply to: Video / Cobb Grill posted by Old Dave on September 21, 2015 at 12:29:11:

I immediately recognized the Cobb grill as probably belonging to (or coming from) South Korea.

The Koreans LOVE something called "Samgyeopsal-gui" (pronounced Sahm-gyup-sahl)...sort of a party/comfort food for many Koreans, and it is a very social event.

Basically, different things (pork belly, onions, garlic, mushroom) are grilled and then loaded onto a romaine lettuce leaf along with spicy Kimchee(think cabbage marinated in Tobasco sauce) along with the paste shown in the video and maybe some white sticky rice. The whole thing is folded into an almost tennis ball sized package, and then the whole thing is shoved into your mouth. Sounds like a choking hazard, but the pieces are all small enough that it seems not to be a real bite into the package and of course taste the pork, garlic and onion, but then the spicy stuff sort of does a delayed burst in your mouth.

Making Samgyeopsal:

Hint...the pastes and the pepper flakes should be ordered from a Korean market (online maybe??)

Eating Samgyeopsal: Everybody sits around the grill, chopsticks in hand, and cook the various ingredients, adding cooked ingredients to your lettuce leaf, while refilling the grill with raw materials...the only time you put the chopsticks down is to have a drink of Korean Soju...a very social event. One of my more memorable days with the family (all adopted Korean kids) was to make this at the beach...could be done with the Cobb grill.

About the host 'Mangchi'...I've been able to learn some Korean cooking thru her videos...she does a good job of explaining the methods and the ingredients.

Ahn-young - ha sa-o !

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