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Re: which pepper? (clarification of your question ??)

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Posted by peterN on September 28, 2015 at 12:23:54:

In Reply to: Not sure which pepper? posted by Bruce from Wi on September 28, 2015 at 10:52:56:

I think you are probably asking about different 'vegetable' type peppers rather than powdered pepper spices. I have never been a fan of hot/spicy 'vegetable' peppers. I stay away from 'vegetable' peppers and rely on powdered spices to add 'heat'. Admittedly I am not a pepperhead or a chilihead, nor have I ever been 'schooled' in powdered peppers, but having said all that, here is some of what I do to produce a gentle heat in some of my sauces and preparations...(I assume that your preference for favoring more heat than I could be attained by adjusting the amount of whatever powdered pepper spice you choose to use.)

Seemingly most important to me (regarding pepper, heat, and flavor) was that I learned over time to use a combination of powdered spices to attain whatever heat level (and flavor)I desired. I have a short list of 'Go To' powdered pepper spices that I like to use, but it would behoove you to experiment with various powders and powder combinations/powder quantities to come up with what suits your taste buds and the taste buds of your buddies (couldn't resist that)...

I have a personal bias to use white pepper rather than freshly ground black pepper...I use black pepper only sparingly...more as a table condiment, maybe a tiny smidge for cooking, but my main 'go to' cooking pepper(powder) is White Pepper.

My pepper seems to 'torch' the front of my tongue which I believe cripples the taste buds at the front of the tongue...I think I read somewhere that the taste buds at the front of the tongue contain the flavor receptors that detect 'sweet'...bottom line for me is I hate to have my tongue 'torched' and black pepper will do that to me...and probably others also (as probably will most HOT vegetable type peppers)

My 'Go To' cooking pepper/spice/powder...White Pepper...
White Pepper: It seems to me that the heat from white pepper is felt (sensed) further back in the throat which leaves the front of my tongue for tasting of other flavors that are running around in whatever is prepared. The back of my throat (and I assume the throats of others) seems more tolerant of 'hot' than does the front of my tongue.

Other powdered pepper spices I use for heat...Sverige 'HOT' Paprika.
Another tame powdered pepper spice you might consider is 'Ancho Chili/chile powder...I am told it is hotter than the powders I've listed above, but I am also told that it is not as hot as other pepper powders that might exist out there.

It's all a matter of personal probably have to do a little experimenting to come up with whatever combination of powders (and powder quantity ratios) seems to suit your tongue (and the tongues of your diners) best.

As a slight aside, I've also read somewhere that (some?) infants actually have taste buds on the roof of the mouth (which they obviously outgrow)...I have always thought that this might help explain why children are 'picky eaters'...the tongue is an interesting place.

I know that you will get answers that are all over the map on this question...if you are curious specifically about 'vegetable' peppers, then it might be a good idea to rephrase your question so as to specify 'vegetable type' peppers.

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