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Chuck roast report

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Posted by Ray Basso on March 09, 2016 at 13:32:22:

There's a thread down below that has a good discussion about cooking chuck roasts like a brisket. Believe it or not I've never cooked a chuck roast before and so I decided give it a try. I wanted to use just an average check roast cut, nothing fancy. So I bought a package of two chuck Roasts at Sam's. I tried to pick a couple good ones with a fair amount of marbling. The good thing was they were $4.49 a pound. So altogether the package of two cost me about but $20.

I cooked them in a very simple manner like I would have cooked a brisket. Basically all I did was put some rub on, cooked them with some hickory wood to 165, wrapped them in foil, then cooked to 205, let them set in the foil for about an hour and a half.

The rub I used was Oak Ridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket rub. This is again was another first because it's the first time I tried the Black Ops brisket rub from Oak Ridge. It's really good stuff. When they had cooled down a bit after cooking I sliced them as thin as I could by hand, across the grain. With these chuck roasts it turned out to be a real challenge to be able cut across the grain because grain runs every which way. So to tried it out with a couple handfuls of sliced chuck roast and a little Head Country barbecue sauce and it turned out really good. An extra bonus my wife really likes it to.


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