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Grill for Catering Application/Big John's Grills

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Posted by sjsbbq on April 28, 2016 at 14:20:44:

I posted this on the grilling forum this morning, when I checked for responses, I didn't find any. Then I noticed---looks like there is not much traffic there anymore! I HAVE been out of the loop.

Here is the post-

Hi All, new to the grilling forum but I used to post frequently on the BBQ forum, but it has definitely been a while.

I own and operate a pit bbq catering company in NY. We cater about 40-45 events a year. About 1/3rd of the time, we need to haul a grill to the site because burgers and dogs are on the menu.

For small to midsize events, we were using the Brinkman 810. The pros were the stand was solid and east to fold. This is vital, the grill needs to be continually transported. Set up and breakdown went smoothly wit the Brinkman. And the Brinkman was cheap.

The cons were there were it is a pretty crappy grill, hot and cold spots, and they were not built to last. 2 seasons tops before they literally fell apart. But hey, at a price point of under $300, to us, that was OK, we are grilling burgers and dogs on it. We got our moneys worth.

So, we ditched our current one at the end of the 2015 season. When I went to buy a new one for 2016, I found that they don't make this grill. What is worse, I can't find a similar suitable replacement. I tried Cabelas camp stove/grill, twice. Sent both back. Flimsy junk, with a terrible set-up. I have scoured the internet for a portable, 4 burner propane grill, and have found nothing decent.

Considering a Big John's version (A2P), but it is $1600 and it is heavy at 115lbs. I have ZERO experience with Big John's.

So I have 2 questions, does anyone know of a similar replacement for the Brinkman, maybe something that I might have missed? Also regarding the Big John's, does anyone have experience with these grills? Thoughts?

Any thoughtful suggestions are appreciated!

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