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Re: gas allowed in a contest? absurd?

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Posted by Jackitup on May 01, 2016 at 21:55:24:

In Reply to: gas allowed in a contest? absurd? posted by thorsten denmark on May 01, 2016 at 10:36:29:

If they are ONLY cooking with gas it is just baking meat and not bbq. If it is gas assist and using wood it's no different than a pellet smoker. MUST HAVE SMOKE to be bbq. Plenty of the best bbq places out there and top of the line smokers are some kind of "dual fuel" gas assist, electric assist, electronically controlled, etc, etc, but to be bbq, SMOKE is the common link. Contest organizers can make their own rules all the way down to mandating rubbing sticks together to start the fire in open pits only or cook it out of your motor home microwave, it's their contest, their rules. To me, for real bbq, wood must be involved. I have a gas assist "smoker" and would stand it next to anyone's. 2 meats, seasoned the same, one in my pit and the other in someone else's pit using the same wood, it would be pretty hard to tell them apart.
So yes, I agree, gas only, NOT bbq. Gas assist with wood, fine by me. I really don't see using gas only being a threat though. Not that a grilled steak or burger etc can't be great. Not everything has to be cooked over wood to wonderful food, it's just not bbq without it, and any good judge worth anything should be able to tell the difference if no smoke is used or he shouldn't be there.
Aaaaanyway, my 2c worth of bs and I'm sticking to it ;-)


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