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New Beef Bonanza Cut , Section 1

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Posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on August 25, 2016 at 14:55:56:

The "Bonanza Cut" is not available yet, was just introduced to the press/industry:

"When you separate the chuck and the ribs, the Flat Iron steak goes one way — with the Chuck — and the relatively small end stays with the rib side; this is the Bonanza Cut."

Only two SMALL steaks per critter with total weight of half-pound. Will fetch a premium price when available.

Dueling Bubbas

from :

University of Nevada claims new cut of beef
By Tom Johnston on 8/25/2016

Behold the “Bonanza Cut,” a small cut of beef normally used in meat grinds but one that University of Nevada researchers are calling a high-end delicacy.

The Bonanza Cut is described as a small, quarter-moon-shaped slice of beef that “has a taste and tenderness that outclasses any other cut except filet mignon.” The school debuted it this week for media.

Assistant professor of meat science Amilton de Mello is credited for redeveloping the use for the “Bonanza Cut.” He touts its ease of trimming and profitability for the meat processing industry, as well as the potential for restaurants to offer it as a premier menu item. The petite slice of beef is juicy, “extremely” tender and well-marbled, making it ideal for grilling, he said.

"Chefs and restaurants will love this cut; it can be portioned for many sizes of servings," de Mello said in a news release. "And for meat producers, it offers a higher price point and more profits."

The meat science program hosted a private tasting of the Bonanza Cut. Kaimi Coonrad, executive chef of Reno-based The Cheese Board American Bistro and Catering Company, prepared and served the delicacy.

"It can be served in a variety of ways, grilling on a flat top, grill or even a cast iron skillet," Coonrad said. "A light marinade will complement the innate flavor of the meat. The first bite gives a blast of flavor and then the pure flavor of the beef comes through."

Also at the Bonanza Cut unveiling and tasting was Chris Calkins, professor of animal science the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who developed the Flat Iron Steak.

"The Bonanza cut is rich and succulent — a tender, savory piece of beef that should prove popular with consumers," he said. "In an industry with a small profit margin, any opportunity to increase value is appreciated. Upgrading this meat from a ground beef/trim price to steak-quality price should return more dollars to the industry. I anticipate a positive reception for the Bonanza Cut, especially from countries that recognize U.S. beef for its quality and flavor."

JBS funded de Mello’s research on the new cut, which isn’t yet available in supermarkets or restaurants.


De Mello started developing the new cut in 2014 while working for the beef industry. With support from JBS, he began to conduct research on the cut at the University of Nevada in 2015.

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