The Boy's of BBQ and Patty

"The Boy's of BBQ and Patty"

"The Boy's of BBQ & Patty", was started in 1985 at the American Royal BBQ in the Golden Ox Parking Lot.

The team consists of Craig and Patty Kidwell and D. G. Johnson with many helpers.

Our team started with three 55 gallon barrel cookers. Then in 1989 we found the stainless steel tank and it is now on it's third trailer. We also use a Swisher, and a charbroil.

We strive for a good time and to at least hear our name mentioned at the awards. Some of our best moments were the Grand Champion at Oseola, MO 1994 and 1995. In 1995 we were the Grand Champion at Butler Mo. and the Reserve Champion of the American Royal in 1995.

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