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Kansas City
The BBQ Capital of the World


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As you can see the guy in the picture has just opened the lid to his grill.  He just got hit with big cloud of smoke and now his head is smoked as well as the beer that is setting next to him.  It's fun in the backyard or as some call it BBQ.

In Kansas City you will find more activities like this going on in the backyards, of more homes, then in any other part of the world.  It seems like everyone has a pit, grill or smoker. It's not just backyard BBQ in KC.  There are more BBQ restaurants in KC then you will find in any other city in the world.  We love our BBQ in Kansas City.

This is only the beginning.  Kansas City is the home of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.  During the summer you will find KCBS Sanctioned contests in this area every weekend.  The biggest BBQ contest in the world is called the Annual American Royal Barbecue Contest and it's right here in Kansas City.

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