September 10, 2001

Volume 1

Issue 12

Ray's Comments

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Editorial from Ray Basso:

“Ray’s Comments” is only a couple of months old and we are ready to make some big changes in it.  The name of this section will be changing very soon and the content expanded.  This is going to become more of an on-line magazine about BBQ.  I am still going to maintain my comments in the form of a weekly editorial from the editor.  I’m the editor.  

This is something I wanted to start back in 1995 but I never could get it going.  I swear I didn’t think of following this path when I started the “Comment’s” section a couple of months ago.  I just wanted a place where I could voice my views on the Internet about a lot of things.  I never have though it was proper for me to say too much on the BBQ Forum. 

So I am looking for people who want to write a weekly or when-ever article about BBQ.  The compensation for doing all of this is at this time zero.  Nobody is making any money.  There is advertising on this section but at this time it’s making about $10 per month so you can see the traffic needs to grow.  At this time there are about 1,000 people reading the Ray’s Comment’s each month.  

Starting with this week is a new article written by drbbq  He sent it to me August 29th., but I have not been ready to start all of this until now.  I had been twisting his arm for a while and so he sent this first one to me.  He told me he thought it was boring and I though it was good.  So here we go. 


Copyright 2001
Ray Basso

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