August 12, 2001

Volume 1

Issue 10

Ray's Comments

                             Whatcha Need to Know to Barbeque Like a Pro


ďWhatcha Need to Know to Barbeque Like a ProĒ by Ron Lutz.   Ron is a Certified Barbeque Judge.  He is a professional writer for the past 35 years, and a barbeque enthusiast for nearly as long.  Ron has written this book for beginners in barbeque. Itís a small book, 98 pages long and measures about 8 X 6 inches.  

This book contains just about everything, a person new to barbeque needs.  Well almost everything.  Thereís one glaring omission that I noticed the first time I skimmed through the book.  In Chapter 11 Ron lists nine Internet web sites about barbeque.  I immediately noticed that none of my BBQ web sites were mentioned and there was no mention of the BBQ Forum.  After I recovered from the shock that someone could write a book about barbeque and not mention the BBQ Forum I decided to read the whole book.

Iím glad I did read this book.  I now plan to buy three of them as Christmas presents.  I donít think Ron intended to cover everything about barbeque in his book.  However, he did manage to include a lot of very good information.  Some of the topics covered include: 


  • The difference between barbequing and grilling
  • Points on selecting a smoker.
  • How to start a fire with a chimney starter and information on the other basic tools you need
  • Good information on lump and briquette charcoal
  • Rubs, mops, finishing sauces and some good looking recipes
  • Really good basic information on cooking pork butt, ribs, turkey, chicken and brisket.  Some of this information is not just basic.  Actually, itís quite detailed in places and goes into some advanced barbeque cooking techniques. 
  • A primer on brining (I was surprised to find this in the book)
  • A recipe from Mike Tucker ( on cooking pork loin.  Mike Tucker won the grand championship at the 1999 World Pork Expoís Barbeqlossal.  Mike posts on the BBQ Forum (Ron please note). 
  • More recipes and an in-complete list of Internet web sites about BBQ

There's a lot more in this book then I have listed.  Itís a real good book and I think it would make a great gift for a friend or relative that's new to barbeque.  It would also be a good book to give to someone who thinks they know how to barbeque and doesn't have any idea how to cook.  At $14.75 you can afford to buy several and just give them away.  Which is what I plan to do. 

However, you will probably want to keep one in your collection even if youíre an experienced cook.  If nothing else it would be great to have on hand when you have someone over for barbeque and they start asking too many questions.  Just give them a copy of this book and if they read it, they will cook better barbeque.

I feel very humble in writing a review on a book that was written by a professional writer that has been doing it for 35 years.  I donít claim to be a good writer but I do know a good book when I read it.

One other thing.  On page 89 of the book you will find a recipe "Best Yet Rolls." It's a recipe that Ron was given that someone picked up off the Internet.  It's funny how things happen.  That recipe is a recipe I posted on the Internet about 1995.  I guess it's traveled all over the world since then.  It's my Mothers "Light Roll Recipe"  I posted it on The Kansas City Bar B Q Connection web page.

If you have questions you can contact Ron at 

The book costs $14.75 each, plus $2.00 shipping and handling.  FREE shipping /handling on all order for two or more books.  Make checks payable to Ron Lutz and Associates. 

Or you can order it at: 

Ron Lutz and Associates

P.O. Box 13188

Des Moines, Iowa 50310

You can go to his web site at  You can order his book there with a credit card through PayPal

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Ray Basso

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