June 25, 2001

Volume 1

Issue 4

Ray's Comments

                                Bubba's Got A Top Secret Rib Rub a review

This is a very interesting rib rub. I recently have tried it on ribs, and chicken.  It was perfect on the ribs. I thought it was great on the chicken. I cooked the best chicken I ever cooked using this rub.

On the label, of the bottle of rub, is a list of very impressive contest wins.

I don't know if Bubba knows who I am or if he remembers meeting me in 1995 at the Raytown, MO contest.  Our paths just have never crossed, since that day.  That was an exciting day for me because I got to watch Mike Scrutchfield and Bubba preparing their entry's in that contest. 

At that time Bubba was cooking with Mike on a team they called RE/MAX is Cookin' Now.  They were the Reserve Grand Champs that day.

They won a lot of contest as RE/MAX is Cookin' Now and in 1996 changed the name of the team to "Top Secret" and kept on winning.  (Be sure and visit the link I just posted above.) Later on Bubba started cooking on his own and won a lot of awards.

Anyway, it was in 1999 that Mike Scrutchfield gave to everyone, on the BBQ Forum, the great "Best Ribs In the Universe" rib recipe.  It is now known simply as BRITU.

BRITU is a great rub.  Some people who don't like salt complain it's too salty.  The answer is don't put so much salt in it. I think salt is good for you because it makes food taste good.  Anyway, that's why they make blood pressure medicine.

Another problem with BRITU is people tend to put too much on it and don't pay attention to the recipe.

Then there is the mystery ingredient in the BRITU recipe.  It's listed as chili powder.  But which chili powder is the best chili powder just what chili powder did Mike use in the BRITU.

After the RE/MAX team, Bubba went on to win a lot of contests by himself.

So now we have this "Top Secret" rib rub and what's in it?  The ingredients sound like BRITU and it kinda looks like it.  It tastes like BRITU in a way. It may have nothing to do with BRITU, or it may have.  I do know, but I know I like Bubba's rub.

I'm sure that over the years this rub has Bubba's own unique ideas in it. 

I will tell you, after using it, that I think it's better then any of the batches of the BRITU I ever mixed up.  So maybe it doesn't have anything to do with BRITU.

This is good stuff. There is an even more compelling reason to buy this rub.

It's a great rub and it's packaged in a really great bottle. Buy it for the bottle if nothing else.  Why do I like the bottle so much?

It's the holes in the top of the shaker cap.  This bottle has little holes in the cap.  You have to shake the bottle a lot to get some of the rub to come out.  You will probably get tired of shaking this bottle before you apply too much of the rub to whatever you are using it on.  You see most packaged rubs I have bought have these big holes in the cap and it's real easy to shake out too much rub.

So buy this rub, because I am sure you will like it and you will have this great bottle with the small holes in the cap. 

Bubba's Inc.
P.O. Box 12483
Kansas City, MO 64116

Ray Basso

PS.  What's Mike Scrutchfield going now?

Well, I just talked to Mike today and he is really doing well in his Real Estate mailing business.  He also says that he is not connected  with Bubba's Rub.  Please don't call or email him unless your a good Real Estate agent wanting to do business with him. He is real busy.


This is how I cooked the Chicken I liked so much

I cooked a package of "Air Chilled" chicken thighs. I marinated them in "Wishbone Robust Italian" dressing over night.  The next morning I sprinkled them with Bubba's rub and cooked them on the WSM.  I ran the temperature in the cooker up to about 280 degrees.  The wood I used was all apple wood except for one piece of mesquite.  I used Kingsford charcoal.  When the chicken's internal temperature reached 165 degrees I brushed on "Double Q" Barbecue sauce and cooked them until the internal temperature was 185 degrees.  I was really proud of this chicken. 

Copyright 2001
Ray Basso

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