Instructions for using "The BAR B Q Connection Fourm"

The operation of the Fourm should run fairly smooth. The system should run itself. You will see that you can look for messages posted by date, thread, author, and subject. When you first log on to this the Fourm you will see the area where all messages are posted. So if you want to post a new message and topic you can do it then. After you have done this you can go to the Fourm itself and read messages. I suggest that when you go to the message area that you "reload" or "refresh" the page. Most browsers hold a lot of information in cache. I have been told that AOL even caches web pages. So if you don't "reload" you will not see the latest messages.

If you see a message that you want to reply to, be sure to remember the original message subject exactly as it was written. You then go back to the message form and be sure to put in the subject space, "Re:", then one space, and then the original message title exactly as it is written. Otherwise, there will be no message thread. So, if a person was responding to a message, "Best wood chips for chicken?", the responder would have to write in the subject space. "Re: Best wood chips for chicken?"

If you have any problems please report them in the "guest book" section near the end of the home page. We will respond a quick as possible. I will warn you the this type of Fourm is not in wide use. So not a lot is known about it. So I guess at this time this is "Beta Testing" and Beta stands for "bugs."

I am sure that some more issues will come up as to the use of this Fourm. If the initial response is anything like what will actually happen were all in for a good time. Let's try to keep it clean. Oh a "damn" here or there is not going to cause any problems. Just remember anyone might be reading these messages.

Have a good time with this I hope you like it. Thanks.

Ray Basso

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