KCBS Appearance Survey Results

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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on August 27, 2001 at 14:57:37:

Dear Forum Readers, It is time to announce the totals from the survey and reveal the name of our contestant. These figures include all the votes up to and including Mark's. One score of eight was rounded up from a score of seven. (I believe KCBS rules state that if a judge changes his/her score that score can only go up and not down.) Another score was reduced from 8.5 to an eight because the judge indicated that the entry did not merit a nine. I have included Whizz's score of four even though it may have been a joke. I also included Dave's score of five even though he did not include comment's why this entry rated a five. I guess in future surveys, I should not count scores in the forum results that do not include comments along with the score. In order to be fair this time, I had to include the two lower scores as some of the nine scores did not include comments. This is to be expected though as sometimes a nine says it all. LOL

A total of 43 votes were cast. Here are the scores, (respective number of votes) and their percentage:

9s - (33) - 76.7%
8s - (08) - 18.8%
5s - (01) - 02.3%
4s - (01) - 02.3%

Here are the actual scores the entry received at the recent South Carolina State BBQ Championship Contest held in Spartanburg recently:

989 999 989 869 989 789.

This entry placed fifth in the contest and was cooked by Raine and her team of EB's BBQ.

I would like to thank Ray Basso for allowing us to do this and Raine for submitting a picture. Thanks go out to everyone who judged and gave comments. The comments are what make these surveys as well as the constructive discussions that accompany them from time to time.

If anyone would like to submit a picture and be the next contestant, please let me know by contacting me at the above e-mail address. Thanks once again to everyone.

Beers to all,

JDB - Juggy D Beerman

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