Final Comments on the Survey (Part I)

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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on March 15, 2001 at 13:00:48:

Dear Forum Friends, It is time to end the survey and reveal the results of the forum judges and the scores these entries actually received for appearance in the contests they were entered. First, a big thanks to Ray Basso for allowing US to do these surveys. Thanks also go to Raine and her team: “EB's Bar-B-Que”, (pronounced ebb's), from Charlotte, NC. The team members names are: Earl Pinyan, Brian Elkins, and Candy Elkins. I think the pictures did not do the entries justice.

I will once apologize to Raine and to you readers for the lack of clarity in the pictures. (When I posted them, I thought they were a little fuzzy/out of focus, but I blamed that on my monitor, color-blindness, and the fact I may finally need glasses. LOL) If WE do this again in a few weeks, I now have ways to make sure that the next set of pictures are clearer. If this done again, I hope this is done with ribs or brisket and only one picture will be posted, not three. If someone would like to volunteer pictures, please e-mail me. Please DO NOT send me pictures as my hotmail account almost full and cannot store any pictures.

Here are some comments I have on the survey and how I determined the scores. If I saw a score 6/7 or similar to that, I gave the entry the higher score as KCBS rules dictate that if a score is marked then changed, the score can only go up, not down. If a decimal score was entered, I rounded it off. You may have noticed that Raine did vote. She did this so that her “silence” by not voting would draw attention to her as the “contestant.” I did not count her scores in the data.

This has been another good learning experience for me and I want to thank everyone again for their scores and comments. You ARE the ones that made this so much fun and educating. I have been humbled by the fine words and compliments that I have received regarding and I really do appreciate them. But it is me who should be thanking you. Without YOUR comments and critiques, all we would have had posted in the threads would have been some pictures! LOL Thanks again to everyone and the results are posted in the thread below titled: "Presentation Survey Results Part Two (Data).

Beverages to all,


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