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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on April 12, 2001 at 11:10:33:

Dear Forum Readers, It is time to announce the results from the recent KCBS presentation survey. I would like to thank Ray Basso for allowing us to do this again. And thanks to everyone who posted their scores and comments. Your comments are what make the survey fun and a learning experience for all of us.

Up to and including Soonerland's vote, 42 scores were cast. I received one vote by e-mail, I rounded Stu's score off to a 9 and I did not count the score of 1 nor did I count "Judge #2's" score of 6. Of these 42 scores the following scores, (number of scores) were cast:

9s (31) - 73.8%
8s (07) - 16.7%
7s (03) - 07.1%
6s - (01) - 02.3%

The actual appearance scores this ribs entry received at the recent KCBS contest held in Scottsdale, AZ were: 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 8 - 9. These
ribs were cooked and submitted by Linda and Phil Hopkins and their team of Smokin' Guns.

I may do another survey in two weeks. If anyone would like to submit a picture, please e-mail me with the DETAILS. Please DO NOT send me any pictures as my hotmail account cannot handle more than two pictures at a time.

Once again thanks to Ray Basso, you readers of the forum and Linda from Smokin' Guns.

Beers to all,

JDB - Juggy D Beerman

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