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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on August 22, 2001 at 13:19:54:

Dear Forum Readers, Once again with the permission of Ray Basso and the team responsible for the picture above, I am conducting a survey. This is not a scientific survey and this is being done for entertainment and learning purposes only.

You are asked to judge this competition tray for appearance. This tray was submitted in a recent KCBS contest in the "Anything Butt" (open) category. This contest had two divisions in the open category, meat and non-meat items. This is obviously a non-meat entry.

The rules at this contest allowed the contestants to garnish their trays as they saw fit. ANYTHING could be put in the containers along with the entry.

Please score this as you would in a KCBS contest. The scale is from 9 to 2. Nine is the highest possible score and two is the lowest. A score of 1 will not be accepted as I, your table captain, have deemed this a legal entry.

There is no reason for this tray to be given a score of 1 as there are at least six identifiable and separate pieces, the garnish is legal, there is no puddling of sauce, and the entry is not sculpted.

As KCBS judges are instructed, the entry starts out as a 9 and you should adjust your score, if you so deem, from there. Please justify your score with a short answer stating why the tray rated the score you gave. Your comments are what make this a learning experience for all of us.

Please DO NOT look at what others have scored this tray before you post your score and comments and please do not your make your score as a part of the title to your post. This is "blind" judging and you are bound by your honor as a judge not to let others influence your score.

You do NOT have to be a competition cook or BBQ judge to participate in this survey. "Off the street" judges are more than welcomed and are encouraged to participate. If you feel inhibited by posting your scores with comments feel free to e-mail me at the above listed address.

I will be posting the forum results in two days. At that time I will reveal the person(s) responsible for the entry and the actual scores the entry received as well. Thanks to all in advance for your time and input.

Beers to all,

Juggy D Beerman


Survey Results

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