Pork Survey

Posted by Juggy D. Beerman on November 27, 2000 at 01:50:50

You are asked to judge this competition tray of pork shoulder for appearance. Please score this as you would in a KCBS contest. The scale is from 9 to 2. Nine is the highest possible score and two is the lowest. (A score of 1 will not be accepted as I am the table captain.) Please justify your score with a short answer stating why you gave the score you gave.

Please DO NOT look at what others have scored this tray. This is "blind" judging and you are bound by your honor as a judge not to let others influence your score. On Friday, I will give more information about this entry as to where it is from and how it did in the contest it was submitted.

Beers to all,

Juggy D Beerman


Survey Results

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