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Here are brief explanations for some questions.

My post didn't show up

You are returned to a refreshed Forum page after posting. If you do not see your post try a reload or refresh. You may need a Browser update or a setting may need changing.
Duplicates are not posted.
Your Internet Service Provider may be blocked. See ERROR: Source Blocked

Browser Update Links

Browser Settings

Internet Explorer Netscape

Post Requirements

Required fields are Name, Subject and Comments. Required field content is checked for validity and screaming. All fields are constrained and security tested to makethe Forum as crash less (hopefully) as possible.


Screaming is Internet speak for posting with all upper case letters.  It is difficult to read and considered in bad taste. Please refrain from  using all upper case letters.

HTML tags in posts

HTML tags are not allowed in posts

Link Icons

Indicates a post contains a picture.
Indicates a post contains a link.
Indicates a post contains a sound clip.


Sneak A Peek

If your Browser Status Bar is enabled, on the Forum page, you can preview the first part of a post by placing your cursor over the link.

Settings for MS IE 9 
1. Right click on the top menu bar and select Menu Bar
2. On the Menu Bar click toolbars and then select Status Bar to activate the Status Bar
3. Then of the top right side click on the gear icon and select Internet Options
4. Under Options - Security - Custom Level - Allow status bar updates via script - Enable

Settings for IE 7 you go to Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level - Allow status bar updates via script - Enable

Settings for Firefox  you go to Tools - Options - Content - Advanced - Click "Change Status Bar Text

The following is said to work with Vista and MS IE
Go into Tools, then Security, click on Default Settings and scroll down to almost the bottom where you should see "Allow status bar updates via script". Click the Enable"


Blocked ISP

It is sometimes necessary to block an Internet Service Provider to stop abusive or improper posting.  I regret this action also affects uninvolved ISP subscribers. Attempts are made to notify a blocked ISP, however until an abuser is treated appropriately there is no other recourse. 

How do I include hyperlinks to pages, pictures or sound clips in my post?

The source must be on a server, which may be an existing web site or a home page. Simply browse to the source, copy the address (URL) in your browser address bar and paste it into the appropriate optional post form area.

  • Links to pages have .html, .htm, etc. extensions and are used in the Optional Link URL field.
  • Optional Link URLs require a Name in the Link Title field.
  • Links to pictures have .jpg, .gif etc. extensions and are used in the Optional Image URL field.
  • Links to sound clips have .wav, .mid etc extensions and are used in the Optional Sound URL field.
    A bit more
    You may only want a web page picture, not the web page. Often pictures are links to other pages so, in this case, an extra step is necessary to capture just the picture URL. In the following example the pictures were composites that change on mouse over and link to other pages.

    Right clicking an image...

    ...and selecting Properties reveals the Properties dialog box with the image address.

    Drag selecting the image address then copying and pasting into the browser address bar...
    ...validates you have what is wanted for pasting into the Optional Image URL field.

    Notes about the BBQ Forum from Ray Basso



    Messages are posted to the BBQ Forum at a brisk rate of about 65,000 per year.  When the index file which is the Forum as you see it lists about 1000 messages it becomes slow because of the size.  The program then archives about 700 messages in less than one second. Thanks to Karl's hard work.  So now the index file is down to about 200 messages and we start all over again.  A week goes by and the archive process takes place.  The archived messages take up a huge amount of disk space.


    Most of the messages posted to the Forum are good interesting messages.   Some have to be deleted before the archive process takes place.  Once archived deleting messages from the archives is a very labor intensive and time consuming task.


    While all this was going on I created  The purpose of the search engine on it was to allow people to search through selected messages and get quick information.  I do the selecting and at times I have not done a great job of selecting.  A lot of junk messages got loaded into it.  I put the messages into one at a time by hand.  So as a result of the way BBQsearch works you might not find things you want from recently posted messages.  I put them in usually late at night a few years ago I used to drink a lot at that time of the night and so the process wasn't too good.  Now I have almost completely stopped drinking the quality of BBQsearch has improved greatly.  As has the quality of my life.


    However, you will still not find everything you want in but you will be able to find the answers to a lot of your questions quickly.  I have spent maybe 80 hours working on lately and it's getting better all the time. 


    The next question is how do you find messages in the recent archives.  Well you just have to look.   The only tool you have to find the message is to hope that in the subject line there is a key word you can look for.  You can use the "EDIT -Find" function at the top of your browser to look for a work in the index file of the archive.


    Ray Basso