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Temp rise in cooler

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Posted by deanbrew on October 19, 2017 at 12:37:24:

I'm getting ready to cook/smoke some top round roasts this weekend - each is about 15-18 pounds. I've done quite a few before, and usually take them off at about 120 degrees. Standing for 30-60 minutes in lightly covered pans usually results in about a 10 degree rise.

This time, I need to keep one warm and transport it to a party. I've put food into clean coolers before, and am thinking about putting one of the roasts in a cooler to hold/transport for about three hours. I am confident that the meat will stay warm, but will the temp rise too much if it's sealed up and the heat and steam is held inside the cooler?

Any thoughts or ideas? I want it to end up as medium rare in the middle, 130-135 degrees.

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