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Pasta Salad Recipe

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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on November 30, 2017 at 13:47:55:

Yo to All! I recently catered a retirement party for myself and served this pasta salad and many of the attendees requested the recipe. Although I have made the salad many times, THIS time I wrote what I cooked down. Here is the recipe for Beerman's Pasta Salad:


2 - Packages of Best Choice "Bacon and Ranch Pasta Salad"
3 Cups - Chopped Broccoli

2 Cups EACH - Cubed Ham Steak; Shredded Colby/Jack Cheese; Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1.5 Cup EACH - Stringed Carrots; Frozen Peas

1 Cup EACH - Sliced Smoked Bacon (8 Slices); Garbanzo Beans (Strained)

1 - 5 oz Package of Hormel Pepperoni Sticks (2 Sticks, Diced)

.75 Cup EACH - DICED: Yellow Pepper; Red Pepper; Sweet Onion; Red Onion; Celery

1 - 3.5 oz Can of Best Choice "Sliced Black Olives" (Strained)


1 - 16 Ounce Bottle of "Otts Vidalia Onion Dressing"
8 Ounces - "Best Choice Three Cheese Ranch Dressing"

2 Packages of Spice mixture that comes with the pasta
1/4 Cup - Milk
2 TBL - Lemon Pepper

Notes and Cooking Instructions: Chop/dice the broccoli, onion, pepper, celery, bacon, pepperoni and ham into bite sized pieces. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Strain the olives and garbanzo beans before adding to the vegetable mix. Cook pasta per the instructions on the box. Ignore the mayonnaise called for in the recipe as the dressings will replace the mayonnaise. Add the two spice packets that come with the pasta to the dressing mix. Once the pasta has cooked, strain it immediately using a collander. Run cold water over the pasta to cool the pasta. I like to use ice cubes to facilitate the cooling process. Remove the cubes before mixing in the 4 cups of cheese to the cooled pasta. Once the pasta and cheese are combined, mix in the vegetables and meats to the pasta and cheese. Once all of these ingredients are mixed, add the dressing to the mix and combine all the ingredients.

Feel free to add any ingredient or substitute as well. You can use the cheese of your choice. As for the smoked bacon, you can buy about a cups worth of cooked chopped bacon from the salad bar from the grocery store. You can substitute about 3/4 cup of sliced pepperoni instead of the diced Hormel pepperoni sticks. The recipe as written yields 20 cups. You can increase your yield by adding another box of pasta salad and use the same amount of ingredients called for in this recipe. Although I have never cut the recipe in half, it should probably work.



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