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Posted by Houndog on June 02, 1998 at 13:52:00:

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The guy behind the name Houndog is Brad Silwood. Just turned 40 back in January. Grew up in Dallas but have lived in California and in Europe (Paris), but came back to Dallas in '90 before I wore myself out completely.
Married the greate st woman in the world almost two years ago. Her name is Justina (Mrs. Houndog). We knew each other and dated for 23 years but she told me she wouldn't marry me until I could cook a decent brisket ! That part wasn't really true it just sounded better than the truth which was I just wasn't ready yet.
Have been grilling ever since I can remember but started slow cooking about 7 years ago. Have had many different cookers like all of you have but since my last birthday have been cooking on a Lyfe Tyme offset smoker. 590 pounds of burnin' love. Even if we're having steaks or chops they get cooked over the firebox. I love this forum and ya'll are constantly teaching me great things. Until ya'll told me what a charcoal chimney was I lit a fire the way dad taught me. Pour gasoline over a mound of charcoal, stand back and throw a match in ! Now you've got me cooking so good we can't keep our friends away on the weekends and I've got a bad case of furniture disease. My chest fel l down in my drawers !
The only other hobbies I have is building and flying competition R/C aircraft and Justina and I take pride in growing some of the most beautiful roses you've ever seen. That's it. Bye the way - the name Houndog co mes from our 2 kids (Bloodhounds). With that nose I can't keep them away from the cooker !