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Posted by River Smoker on December 28, 2002 at 19:05:48:

I love BBQ.....Im 54 years old, an old veteran Homicide Investigator for the Nashville,Tn. Police Dept. hoping to retire at any minute, and simply cook Q the rest of my life. Im married to Becky, who a lot of folks refer to as my child bride.....such as (Blind-Dawg)
We currently cook on a custom Jedmaster commercial 4060..with all the bells and whistles,thanks to Dennis Unruh, in Mound Ridge. We also use a Fast Eddy and a Backwoods competitor. We cook under the name of"Smoke On The Cumberland" due to the fact that our house and pit are right on a large bluff overlooking the Cumberland River. we manage to compete in 10-12 contests a year....no wins yet but we have a few 180's.I trained under Lee McWright of the Music City Pig-pals and learned a lot from the experience. I've enjoyed reading the forum for several months and now I guess I just want to get my feet wet....and get to know some of you folks.
Thanks, Mike Moss

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